Risel Design B170 S-Bomb Carbon Clincher Disc


Risel Design B170 S-Bomb Carbon Clincher Disc

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W cenie tarcze Clarks, opony Continental 5000 oraz koła.

  • stiff 45 mm high carbon rims in patented method of production
  • superlight CNC machined hubs
  • rear hub with fine 39-toothed freewheel mechanism
  • aerodynamic advantageous flat Sapim CX-Ray spokes
  • full wheelbuilding by hand
  • extraordinary apperance and noble matt finish
  • weight: 1420 gram
  • Made in Germany



Most cyclists firstly connect a wheelset to the rims. The wheelset „b170” disc delights with carbon rims, whose technical characteristics warm the heart of every cycling fan. The rims are produced in Germany by a patented mechanical process. This ensures a consistently high production quality. For this purpose, the carbon fibers are braided at exactly the same angles around a core. Before the weave is placed in a mold, thin fleece mats made of carbon fiber are additionally laid in the area of the rim hook. This has advantages in the case of a snake bite, because the forces occurring can be better spreaded or absorbed by the fibers. When the finished weave is in the mold, the high-temperature-resistant resin (about 230°C) is added under pressure and then hardened. At the end of the production process stands a very stiff rim, which meets the highest quality standards. The rim has a width of 26.5 mm. This brings among others the following advantages. If tires of 25 mm or 28 mm width are used, this results in aerodynamic advantages because the transition from tire to the rim hook is very uniform. Furthermore the inner width of 17.5 mm gives the tire a better support. The tire can be driven with less air pressure, which increases the contact surface and generates more grip. In addition wider tires simply offer more comfort. Due to the larger tire cross section and the lower air pressure small impacts are better absorbed or filtered. During cornering there is a stable feeling, without the tire is feeling tippy. The rims of the „b170” disc have a height of 45 mm. In conjunction with the slightly bulbous shape and the use of internal nipples advantageous aerodynamic properties are achieved. With the rim format Rie:sel design produces an allrounder that makes an outstanding figure in many uses on road and cyclocross bikes. In addition to the good aerodynamic properties, we maintain excellent handling characteristics of the wheels.


The hubs of the „b170” disc wheelset, sitting in the center of the wheel, are small works of art of the current technology. Hub body and freewheel body are elaborately machined from forged aluminium blocks in CNC process. This makes them not only lightweight, but also highly strong and durable. The body rotates around 17 mm strong aluminum axles. A silky smooth run provide two front and four rear double sealed ball bearings. The power transmission takes place via the principle of a pawl freewheel. At the same time, 3 pawls grip into a fine 39-toothed ring. An associated small engagement point means also a small free travel until the rotational movement of the crank is converted into propulsion. Front and rear hub flanges are designed for straight pull spokes. The elegant connection of the spokes with the hub flange brings a material oriented load and increases rigidity and durability of the wheels.


Sapim is a leader in the market for the highest quality spokes and nipples on the market. For our wheelset „b170” disc we use one of the best spokes – the Sapim CX-Ray. The steel spoke is butted in the central part to 1.5 mm during production and then forged in a further step. This gives the spoke its flat, aerodynamically advantageous middle section with 2.3 mm x 0.9 mm. The forging process also strengthens the material structure. This procedure creates one of the lightest and strongest spokes. Not for nothing is the Sapim CX-Ray used by professionals in all cycling genres.

Aerodynamics/handling characteristic

Translated from the Greek aerodynamics means about air-force. With the extremely complex term we roughly describe the behavior of bodies in terms of drag. The aim of the wheelset „b170” disc is to keep the drag in the sum of the individual wheel components as low as possible. For you, this means putting every turn of the crank on the road as effectively as possible. If the wheelset is used on the road bike, we recommend a tire width of at least 25 mm. Rim and tire then make a very good connection so that a homogeneous transition from tire to rim is achieved. This allows the air to stream better along the tire and rim. In addition, the slightly bulbous rims, straight pull hubs, internal spoke nipples and flat spokes offer little wind attack surface and let the wind elegantly pass the components. It is important to mention that the aerodynamics is in competition with the handling. We pursue the path to combine both conditions in the best possible way. The wheelset should have a stable handling in addition to the lowest possible drag in order to control the bike perfectly. The „b170” disc wheelset combines both!


To complete the work of the wheels „b170” disc, all parts are assembled manually by an experienced wheel builder located in Dresden, Germany. This means all steps from lacing the spokes, centering, multiple seating and stress-relieving the spokes to applying a balanced spoke tension are done by hand. During the centering, we not only pay attention to the lowest possible factor for vertical and lateral impacts. At the same time, we put equally high attention on a balanced spoke tension. Thanks to these labor-intensive processes, we achieve optimal rigidity because all components of the wheelset work well together and harmonize. Incidentally, our wheelbuilding by hand offers maximum durability and a maximum long-lasting driving pleasure!
Included in delivery: 1pc. front wheel, 1 pc. rear wheel, 1 set quick releases, 1 set brake pads Swissstop® Black Prince, 1 pc. manual, 1 pc. gym bag
Material: rim: carbon 3K
hub: aluminium
Weight supplement: manufacturer’s specs, per pair